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This is the Overjoyed's first EP !
Leo T. - Guitars and vocals
Antony - Drums
Ayis - Bass and Vocals


released June 15, 2011

Recording/mixing/mastering by Markos Samaras at Wudsound Studios
Produced by Markos Samaras and The Overjoyed

Track 32 is written by Leo, Nick Harikiopoulos and Ayis at the age of 13.
M.J.S. is written by Leo
In My Getaway Train and R'n'R is written by Leo and Ayis
Words by Leo and Ayis

Artwork by Nikitas Bangies

(Bonus track is a cover by Chuck Berry)



all rights reserved


The Overjoyed Athens, Greece

A super fucking awesome punk rock trio.

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Track Name: Track 32
Bodies pushing and I don't know why but I enjoy it every time
Jump around cause I don't know why forgetting what's frustrating
Hanging out but I don't know why I like that girl with red hair
Is knowing better or should I don't know why or I don't know what I have to know

Well, oh oh oh oh oh!

Sometimes I am angry and I don't know why I set a fire on the road
When I am alone I just don't know why but I keep dancing with my self
Da ra ta ta I don't know why but don't tell me the show is over
Is knowing better or should I don't know why or because knowledge is the key

Well, oh oh oh oh ohh!

You should have known
But now I 'm unconcerned
I 'm not alone I have my friends
You should have seen inside my head
Don't criticize what you can't understand
Track Name: M.J.S.
Just need to pack my things and all
That's when I started feeling cold
Stand stranded facing the door
I 'm on for the highway

It depends on how you see it all
Cause life is just a point of view
You see relentless is the road
I'm now on for the highway

Cause baby I 'm messed up
And I fucking like that
I can't give that to you
Well that's my point of view

Don't mind to rise don't mind to fall
Just feeling nothing all along
Everyone forgotten who I was
I 'm on for the highway

Well I know I know that I am wrong
But I had the chance and I chose the road
With my guitar away from home..
I 'm now on for the highway
Track Name: In My Getaway Train
I got to do something
The time is passing and I thing about
What's up with my mind
Standing out there
Take a glimpse at the square
That's no more fun anymore
But no one cares

I want to get another journey
To the unknown
I want to getaway from this daily routine
And I hate this place, feel there's no more
Space for me! So guys I'm off!

It's true I am a bit lazy
And so fucking crazy
But (there's)nothing to keep me
Here anymore
My friends gonna hate me
Cause I 'm bored with every thing
It's a fact I can't compromise
With their fucking lifestyle

I got on a train to get me out of this town
Farewell for now, one day I'll be back around
I'll miss the downtown road
And you know I won't forget
I 'll miss the sunny days
But I haven't missed you yet
Track Name: R'n'R
I wanna get down in the gutter again
I wanna get drunk and have fun again
I wanna feel the real dirt of rock'n'roll
I wanna spill blood in my guitar(social d)
I wanna live risky and drive a cadillac
Down with the boring 9 to 5 life

Waste youth
punk rock and blues
sitting on the pavement with friends and booze
tonight we dance our shit off
Moving their asses but that's all
This music baby can't touch my soul
Tonight we dance we loose control
ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh!

I found a home in this avenue
Driving my way to something new
To live is not Just to breath at all
And what time may bring I don't know
But for the night I have to make a show
A 32 graffiti on the wall

Don't know where I am heading
I start from nowhere
A ticket to the neverland
Where you don't get any older