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This the first full length album of The Overjoyed released on Cannonball Records. It includes mostly old songs written throughout the years and some new songs.


released September 20, 2016

The Overjoyed are:
Leo on vocals and guitar
Nick on vocals and bass
Peepeace on the drums and backing vocals

Produced by Leo Overjoyed and Alex Bolpasis
Recorded and mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Artracks Recording Studios
All words by Leo
All music by The Overjoyed
All drums performed by Antony Mavromatos (former drummer)
Artwork by A.D. Vision



all rights reserved


The Overjoyed Athens, Greece

A super fucking awesome punk rock trio.

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Track Name: Track 33
When I'm filled up and burning up
Seems like a party is going downtown
It feels we never ever have enough
If I overdo it I have my friends who've got my back
I'll just go straight to the point
Cause everybody is being metaphoric
It's 32 or 33 ? Do you exist ?
Am I OJ'D ? What do you think ?

As I was diggin' with some riffin'
then my phone just started ringin'
It isn't my pal Jake or George
It's the girl that I was waiting for
She said we're gonna hit the square
We'll get some bums and booze
till we're all fucking dead
I know that's not the point right now
But then she said that she wants me around
We're gonna spend the morning in my bed fucking our brains out

I got mind fucked
Braindead mind fucked
Did I surrender ?
I can't remember
Track Name: Young And Cheesy
Well I'm not here
I'm not there
I'm just where I wanna be
With loud guitars and friends to meet
Away from home and family

Well I know you disagree
Keep saying this place isn't good for me
Well I know you, you miss/hate me
But back home was so lonely

You are welcome now, to see how they travel the world
It's over now, it's over now
The whining and the scruples
We're looking for trouble
We're willing to risk it all
No time for soap and bubbles
Too fast for love

I wanna go away with you
I wanna be there all way through
Track Name: Sharp Teeth
Stand up never turning my back
and my mind will be working
like a high octane engine
Give me fire all shall burn to the though
that the truth is the proof for insanity

Straight to the dangerous path of overthinking
Got all mine in a pack
Got all yours ready to depart

In the strangest of feelings I'll stay in-between
Cause I've had enough of you changing skins
In the strangest of places awaiting surprise
nooses lurk, sharp teeth skulk and smiles are faking out

But I'm still here, 8 years
My pressing matters procrastinating through fears
Inward tears
And my insides are still burning

Straight to the dangerous path of overthinking
Got all mine in a pack
And there's no turning back
Track Name: Keep Me Running
Keep me running
Cause if I'm not I'm falling apart
Remember nothing
And I can't count the dead
Dancing in my head

We're not alright because we're drained and stuffed
Into a repetition that we didn't know
We were alright but we didn't know

Keep up keep up it's happening
Going down the slope that's just too steep
Calm was boring now I don't know how to be
No you're nothing, nothing to me

We're not alright because we're drained stuffed into
Will I ever pull this through?
We were alright when we didn't know
We were alright but we didn't know
Track Name: Last Call
Another end, another dead end we can't turn around
Another try to hold on and keep up the fight
I know that I was always a let down
Depends on how you look at it
We're maybe fucked up, but we're good at it
At least we know we're having lots of fun

Would you just roll the dice and risk it all?
I know that some tricks never get old
In this shitty place I think we found our home

So come on
Time is asking out for more
So come on
That's what we're here for

It's hard to speak out in this age
Some call us weird some call us strange
United front, no motivation
And when my heart will stop it's pace
There is nothing more, nothing will stay
So all I got is just a last caress

Are you dead in there or you're just waiting?
Is there something holding you from bursting?
Cause I can see the flame deep in there burning

So come on
Time is asking out for more
So come on
That's what we're here for
It's the last call
Track Name: M.J.S.
Just had to pack my things and all
that's when I started feeling cold
Stand stranded facing the door
Depends on how you see it all
Cause life is just a point of view
You see relentless is the road

Cause baby I'm messed up
And I fucking like that
I can't give that to you
Well that's my point of view

Don't mind to rise
Don't mind to fall
Just feeling nothing all along
Everyone forgotten who I was
Well I know that I am wrong
But I had the chance
I chose the road
With my guitar away from home

My Junior Self says I have to go
Track Name: Dead Man's Theme Parade
Do as you say or as you do?
Why do you want me to be like you?
Being prone to hypocrisy
You want a clone you'll get a clown instead

Well I guess you should rethink
Making me do stuff I won't need
Hyperactivity is this a thing?
It's your dull life that's just getting on my nerves

Everyone's running no way out
Everyone's buying no way out
No one's happy is this a thing?
Filling the void seems to take serious money

I'll feed him when he is up
I'll treat him like he is our son
He is calling on our bluff
Is Ritalin good enough?
Life's a drug when my drugs don't peak
and my eyes get tired looking at the real screen

I think about our perpetual needs
How can you expect me to believe?
All that matters is our ego boost
We're so fragile that's what makes us mean

I think I'm a little too late
It goes beyond debate
And our lives become a race
In a dead man's theme parade
Track Name: Abandon Ship
Are days speeding up in my mind?
Or are we trapped in frozen times?
I tried but the answer I can't find
Where are the kids that felt alive?

Dogs are barking in this starry night
And I am standing in the cold
Fast heartbeat from the underworld
Passion was stronger now I'm feeling bold

And I stood up and shout for some hope
But then I screamed to fuck the world
My mind is lost the pace is gone
Fuck the world

I turned my thoughts back to zero
Can't find a reason to care more
It's never enough for me to take
Although sometimes I feel I cannot give

Am I the only one who sees the decline?
Can you see the decay that crossed the line?
When everything around you is a waste of time
Where are the kids that felt alive?
Track Name: Cartoon
To you I look like a teenage cartoon
I think I really like that I do
For you I belong 8 or 9 years back
A looser that still has stickers on his guitar

Well yes I'm a cartoon
Born in the wrong place and time
My favourite tunes are still the same
I just have many new ones too
I don't feel cold it's just I think you aged
And I have not
I'm immature but I don't care
And I think I'm not alone

I still like playing
Yes I still feel it
I burst in emotions then have no feelings
I am still hated can't be kept waiting
still in their ways I see no meaning
Yes I will never regret who I've become
I will keep going even everyone thinks I'll fuck up
It's getting harder for me to wake up
For every inch of hope I lose falling is still fun
And I think I'm not alone
Well I hope I'm not alone

I'm a cartoon
Track Name: Breynard
As the moonlight drowns the night
What about we start a fight
I wanna dance with you and freeze the fucking time
When music is loud it feels alright

As you twist your eyes shine
And I get that crunch inside
Yeah, you're in trouble
I am seeing double
As you look I do it I fucking cruble
Yeah I fucking crumble

Cause you're an inspiration
The recreation of the wicked thought
I had in that train station
My lungs filled with your tang
In a violent slump
And I can't control myself

Tell me know am I awake ?
What's my current mind state ?
Took a break after 2 hours straight
Open my eyes and she is on my face
Track Name: Grey Town
Getting up with my head pounding theres no way around way around it Try to keep calm but oh I'm late it's 9 o'clock and
Loud white noise and cops in caffeine
When right next to them lies the fountain of heroine
Oh every fucking morning go to work finish at 5 and now
so tired go back home freaking alone waiting for Friday
Nobody likes her, but no one really bothers
she betrayed me, she doesn’t want me here

Grey town
I'm born and raised in this cracked place where nothing's up
This is bore town
I'm losing grip in this city of confusion

This concrete and that air states our long forgotten story
Smoking lust on those train tracks I watch her paint her glory
Pit full of snakes, lies and deceit
But I’m stuck in the red lights again going in circles and repeat
While the whole world turns I hold my breath and they keep on moving
By running to dead ends I always found my way through music
Despite the lousy feel the dirty smell the ugly buildings
I will stay here because I am addicted

This city is breathless
Horizon is endless
As she keeps on drowning
She is drowning with me